Hello and best '73 ! My callsign is IV3WHU
NOTE: some of the links on this page could be unreachable if you are connecting from radio net 44.

Nicola's photo

Trieste - ITALY

Mail to: iv3whu**NOSPAM**@amsat.org
Fax 24h/day: +39.02.700.425.428

Italian map and flag

My radio-amateur license is:
Ordinary 3 class type A (best class!).
CEPT 1 class.

My radios are:

HF/VHF: Military Soviet R-107

V/UHF: Icom W32E and Standard C520
Click here to download my Standard C520 Keypad Guide.

CB: Midland-CTE Alan 48 and Polmar Shuttle BC-5802

I am Member of:
AMSAT-I: member n 215 of radio AMateur SATellite corporation - Italy
: member n 4003 of Ari Surplus Team, dedicated to all italian hams interested in old military radios

My antenna on my previous house:
Diamond X-300
V/UHF, over a 6 meters support.
Click on the image to see a zoom:

Morning photo

Night photo

CQ CQ CQ de IV3WHURadio TranceiverClick here! Play it !

WWLoc: last istallation JN65TS
Region ITU: 1
Zone ITU: 28
Zone WAZ: 15

Altitude: 120 m - 394 ft (last istallation)


Best '73 to you !

Photo album:

Radio-Internet Gateways & AMPR net

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Radio Links:

Online call-books

Italian radioamateur associations and repeaters

Ham satellites

Radio Scout

Best VLF italian sites

Learning Morse code

Others best links

Please visit: www.msf.org

Last update: 15 dec 2005.

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Total accesses (net 44 and internet):

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