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4. Screen Fundamentals

4.1 Transfer List

Main part of Caitoo window is listbox, where all transfers get registered. Each transfer is represented by one line in this listbox. Every line is divided into several fields :

In order to do any operation on registered transfer, this has to be selected by clicking on it with left mouse button. Use middle mouse button to unselect it.

Pressing right mouse button on transfer opens a menu with some operations. You can move transfer to the end or beginning of the list. You can e.g. select a transfer that is running very slowly, pause it and move it to the end of the list. This file will start download as the last one. This is also a simple way of organizing transfers on the list.

Menu item Copy URL to clipboard will copy source URL of the transfer into the clipboard. This is useful if you have registered transfer and want to download something with a similar name ( right-click on transfer, copy URL to clipboard, press Paste button and edit the name in the window).

Menu item Configure transfer will open transfer configure dialog. See Transfer Configure Dialog.

4.2 Toolbar

Toolbar contains buttons for all operations which can be applied on selected transfer. Not all are enabled at all times. For example you cannot pause already paused transfer. These buttons are grouped together according to their functions.

Left part contains buttons for basic operations. These are Resume, Pause, Delete and Restart buttons. Functions of first three should be already obvious.

Restart button has been added simply for convenience. Pressing it has the same result as pressing Pause and Resume buttons respectively.

In the middle part there are three mode toggle buttons : Queued, Scheduled and Delayed. They show the current transfer mode for selected transfer. Use them to quickly change the transfer mode. These buttons are like radio buttons, only one can be selected.

Third part contains two buttons : Preferences, for quick opening of preferences dialog and Paste transfer for pasting of the URL into the Caitoo.

Fourth part contains six global toggle buttons : Expert mode, Use last directory, Auto-disconnect mode, Auto-shutdown mode, Offline mode and Auto-paste mode.

The rightmost two buttons are for drop target and docking. They are either toggle buttons or just normal buttons, it depends whether the Windows 9x style is set on. See Dock Widget and Drop Target.

4.3 Status bar

Status bar displays all important messages concerning transfer, like when some transfer is resumed or set to retry.

It also contains several fields :

4.4 Main Menu


Open Transfer

Prompts for an URL of the new transfer.

Paste Transfer

Paste a transfer from the clipboard into a Caitoo. You can for example paste here URL from Netscape.

Export Transfer List

Allows to write transfer list into the file. Later you can import it or you can copy this list into another computer and do your downloads there.

Import Transfer List

Allows to read transfer list from the file.


Quits the Caitoo.


Show Status Bar

Allows the user to have the status bar displayed or hidden.

Use Animation

Allows the user to stop or start animation of the status icons and dock widget.

Use Sound

Allows the user to enable / disable sounds.


Brings up the Preferences Dialog. See Preferences



Invokes the KDE help system with the Caitoo help pages displayed.


Displays essential information about Caitoo.

4.5 Transfer Configure Dialog

This dialog can be used to set the transfer mode and timer. It shows the source and destination URL's.

It is opened also when you set transfer mode to scheduled and you need to set the timer.

4.6 Individual Progress Dialog

When you double-click on some transfer in the listbox, an individual progress dialog will open. Sometimes you want to keep the Caitoo docked, but still you want to watch the progress of some important transfer. You can e.g. iconify this small progress dialog and watch the progress in the taskbar.

Warning !!!

Pressing the Cancel button will not only close the progress dialog, but cancel the whole transfer !

4.7 Dock Widget

Press Dock window on the toolbar to dock Caitoo. After this, Caitoo will be represented on the screen by the small dock widget in the panel.

You can drag URL's on this widget without keeping the main Caitoo window opened.

Dock widget is also an indicator of running transfers. When there are some currently running transfers, this widget shows a bar chart for first three running transfers.

Right mouse button click opens a popup menu, where you can undock widget or quit application.

4.8 Drop Target

Press Drop target on the toolbar to change Caitoo main window into the little shaped window. This little window will be always on the top of all windows. You can use it for drag&drop of URL's. As Dock widget, it also shows progress of running transfers.

Three different icons show status of transfer. Open hand means that no transfer is currently in progress. Grabbing hand means that some transfer is running. And finally, finger pointing down means that we are offline. The same icons, only smaller are shown in the dock widget.

Please note, that the only way how the drop target can be moved around on the screen is by holding down the left mouse button while the Alt key is pressed.

Right mouse button click opens a popup menu, where you can set this window to be sticky or not, open preferences dialog or quit application.

4.9 Log Window

Log window shows messages from all events that happen in Caitoo. You can open it by pressing Log window button on toolbar, or selecting it from main menu.

All logs are saved into a directory  /.kde/share/apps/caitoo/logs. Each file represents one run of the application.

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